Dispute Resolution: The Firm’s practice covers all aspects of civil/corporate and commercial dispute resolution, including negotiation/ discussions and mediation for speedy settlement of disputes out of Court. 

Negotiation, discussions and Mediation: The Firm handles all matters of dispute on the civil/ corporate and commercial side are first and foremost tried to be settled out of Court in a speedy fashion by way of aggressive negotiation/ discussions and mediation. The firm takes great pride in having had notable success in achieving this object.
Drafting and Consulting: All matters of legal drafting such as suits/petitions/notices/consumer complaints/ Agreements/ Memorandum of understanding/ Partnership Deed and other Deeds/ Joint Venture Agreements/ Applications/ Bonds/ Wills/ Letter of intents/Declarations/Warranty Deeds/Power of Attorneys etc. are handled by the firm. 
The Firm actively carries provides consultation and opinions to its clients on various legal topics and practice areas.

Consumer Matters: All matters covered under the Consumer Protection Act and the Monopolies Restrictive Trade Practices Act, including litigation in Consumer Forums, State and National Commission, MRTP Commission in matters such as deficiency in service, product defects, misleading advertisements etc are handled by the Firm.
The Firm actively promotes consumer awareness by way of providing legal consultation and also involves society participation in the same by organising and conducting free consumer awareness campaigns. 

Civil Suits: All matters pertaining to damages/compensation/suits for recovery of money, suits for damages for wrongful termination, civil suits for legal injury and damages under Law of Contracts and law of Torts interalia legislations is carried out by us.